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We have been in the bracing business since 1999 having worked with our human patients.

We ensure an excellent product as some of our clients include Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova, Phil X (Bon Jovi’s guitar player) as well as pro hockey players as I was the official bracing expert for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Sitting in my office one day, a client came in with a torn ACL. He began to tell me that his dog had torn his CCL and was a bit older so he wasn’t a surgical candidate. He asked me for my help.

Although a bit hesitant, I have always loved dogs and, at the time, had two dobermans of my own. I measured his dog, Shadow, with fiberglass and proceeded to make my first custom dog brace with great results! We have become a worldwide company since that first brace in 2008.

Each Kit Contains:

Fibreglass Tape
Buffer strip

Our custom canine braces are made from materials sourced only in Canada and the USA.

We offer a non-slippage guarantee.

Staff are available 7 days a week for questions or concerns.

Our product is available in 120 colours and designs